I grew up in Penang, Malaysia.

My education: 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Student at University of Calgary.

Why Flow? At Flow, you’re able to work closely with veterans of the industry, allowing one to learn and grow at a staggering rate.

What put me on the path to engineering: Learning about the negative effects of climate change and human consumption.

My earliest engineering-related memory:  Making efficient ramps with springs to launch Hot-wheels cars, by changing the angle of elevation and length of ramp. This did not solve climate change but it did sway me towards Engineering.

Something that surprised me about working at an engineering firm: It’s not uptight! They provide flexibility in dress code and work hours, permitting each team member to adjust their workday to best suit them.

What I like about system design: How all departments collaborate to make all systems coexist and work together as one large system which brings a building to life.

I chose Vancouver because: The beaches and mountains.

I’m influenced by: Those who lead by example rather than words.

I’m inspired by: Luke Skywalker. 

I’m at my best: When surrounded by high achieving and ambitious people.

What I value beyond myself: Helping those in need and setting a good example for others.

I’m surprisingly good at: Giving life advice and not following it.

I’m my best self: After a nice gym session.