I grew up in Hong Kong.

My education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Honours), University of Leicester; Associate Certificate in Mechanical Systems, BCIT

Why Flow? Flow provides a team-oriented environment that generates creative thinking and professional development.

What put me on the path to engineering: My father, who is a retired civil engineer.

Project I’m proud of: Boundary Bay Fire Hall, a satellite fire hall that doubles as an emergency operations centre. The site is also home to a fire training facility.

A favourite moment in engineering: When I received my engineering certificate at the graduation ceremony.

How mechanical engineering improves lives: Building mechanical engineers design sustainable systems to reduce carbon emissions, improve indoor air quality and enable water conservation, to name just a few benefits.

I’m influenced by my Tai Chi Sifu, who enlightened me on Taoism and the principle of Yin and Yang.

When I’m not working you can find me in the snooker club, plotting balls with my friends. You will enjoy this British game once you try it!

I’m at my best after my morning coffee (a dose of caffeine).

I’m surprisingly good at Tai chi quan after ten years of practice. I am now moving on to weapons training.

Transportation of choice: Public transit. Lower Mainland road traffic is too heavy for me.

Coffee or tea: A cup of yuanyang, coffee with tea, a popular drink in Hong Kong. Then I can taste both at the same time.