A mechanical engineer specializing in the design, construction and maintenance of HVAC systems, Ron believes intelligent engineering is about making complex systems seem easy and intuitive, a task he contends requires a great deal of imagination and creativity. His inquisitive nature has served him well professionally, as clients rely on him to analyze and imagine what might be happening behind a wall, inside an air stream or in a water flow when he is designing or troubleshooting one of their systems. Ron’s goal, for himself and his team at Flow, is to improve lives through engineering by creating safe physical environments where the people who live or work can be productive, happy and comfortable. A mentor by nature, he prides himself on his ability to share his passion and excitement about mechanical engineering in general—and HVAC systems in particular—with his colleagues and clients. 

I grew up in Mexico City.

My education: B.Sc. UAM Azcapotzalco, Mexico City; M.Sc. University of Wisconsin–Madison; P.Eng.,  British Columbia

Notable accomplishments: There have been a few, but I’m particularly proud of Flow’s implementation of energy conservation measures at 1030 W Georgia on chilled and heating water systems, which resulted in more than $40,000/yr savings in electricity and steam consumption and had a payback of less than five years. I was also able to resolve the sewage odour problem at Canada Place that no one could figure out for years.

Earliest engineering memory: Marvelling at how airplanes fly.

Something that surprised me about working in an engineering firm: The importance of processes in design and construction phases.

A favourite moment in engineering: I was able to figure out how water was being heated in a building when no one wanted it to be heated, and was able to prove this to our client. We were able to lower our client’s buildings energy use without compromising anything else.

An underappreciated area of mechanical engineering: Definitely plumbing, which maintains clean and sanitary conditions for humans and are so basic for healthy living/working environments.

What I love about working with clients: Learning about them and their interests.

I’m influenced by: My wife and my elders—granddad Max, mom and dad—as well as my mentor in Vancouver, Dan P., and my university advisors, Professors Norman B. and Juan Morales.

I’m concerned about: The erosion of respect for individual thought.

When I’m not working you can find me with my family.

Something I’ve fixed/built from scratch at home: My parent’s fireplace in Mexico—it would smoke the entire house. I installed an exhaust fan to it and my mom was ecstatic.

I’m surprisingly good at hand drawing.

Quote that guides me right now: “The only constant is change.”