I grew up in Binbrook Ontario

My education: Bachelors in Science in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology

My Notable Accomplishments: Grade 1 first place ribbon in the 400 meter race, followed by 1st in the 100m, 800m, long jump and triple jump. Regrettably lost in shot put… (3rd place)

Why Flow? Being well respected experts in the field along with having a great culture and team environment.

What’s your favourite type of Cake? Dairy Queen ice cream cake, I never grew out of this.

My earliest engineering-related memory: I made vehicles out of K’nex roller coaster set. I would see which cars were the strongest by testing them through a drop test from my bunkbed.

Something that surprised me about working in an engineering firm: The amount of work that goes into even the smallest of projects.

A favourite moment in engineering: Designing and building from scratch a mini Baja car that was powered by a snow blower engine.

I chose Vancouver because: I always wanted to live here from a young age, then later discovered the lifestyle, nature, and skiing.

When I’m not working you can find me: Walking my dog, hiking, skiing, or creating the next home project to work on.

On my playlist: Hockey podcasts.

Mode of transportation of choice: Chairlifts and skis.