I grew up in Mexico City until I was five, and then Vancouver.

My education: Bachelors of Applied Science (“with distinction”), Major in Civil Engineering, Minor in Commerce, University of British Columbia

Why Flow? I see an incredible amount of potential in this company. We have the capability of becoming a world-class engineering firm, and this motivates me to continue pushing, working and innovating.

What put me on the path to engineering: From early childhood I had a profound interest in how things worked. I would take apart electronics (phones, fax machines, computers, you name it!); I’d build cars made of plywood and skateboard wheels in my family’s garage woodworking shop. I was simply fascinated by the built world. This coupled with my dad being an engineer always guided me to this profession. Although I’d admit, as I was finishing my unveristy degree, I was seriously considering a career in law!

Something that surprised me about working in an engineering firm: The amount of site work and client interactions. I always envisioned engineering being a much more “”desk-centric”” profession. So I was surprised (and pleased) about the amount of site visits/reviews, client meetings, etc., that go along with it!

Something that people might not know that mechanical/electrical engineers do: We look up! Many of the systems we design are on or in the ceilings. As soon as I walk into a new building, I look up to see their HVAC system.

What I like about systems design is that it demands teamwork. A building requires the successful marriage of every single discipline involved in order to function.

Projects I’m proud of: Anthem Properties, SAP, Aritzia Bistro

A favourite moment in engineering: Seeing the Nasa+Spacex Dragon rocket make it to the ISS (May 2020).

How mechanical engineering improves lives: A majority of my projects are building systems that ultimately focus on occupant comfort. We design systems that modify the interior environment so that you forget about it, and can focus on what you need to do.

What I love about working with clients: Building relationships

I’m influenced by the people around me.

When I’m not working you can find me cooking.

A myth about engineers: That we’re not creative. Not true! Engineers are always solving problems and thinking critically. This is ultimately one of the most fundamental forms of creativity.

Something I’ve fixed/built from scratch at home: A mini-golf track.

I’m surprisingly good at Origami.

On my playlist right now: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Coffee or tea: Coffee