Since joining Flow in 2007, Bassam has put his heart and soul into the company and has been integral in building the professional and supportive atmosphere that are its hallmark attributes. He employs a hands-on, client-first approach and believes that every Flow project matters, regardless of its size. Bassam asserts that engineers are the invisible backbone of society, working in the background to make enormous vital and invaluable contributions. An expert at designing, installing and troubleshooting HVAC systems in the commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors, he takes the responsibility of managing the airflow in buildings seriously because he knows how important those systems are to the overall wellbeing of the people who work in them. As a project manager, Bassam focuses on surpassing expectations and is always thinking about how systems can be improved or where alternatives might exist.

I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon.

My education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia; 13 graduate mechanical engineering courses

What put me on the path to engineering: I was always math-oriented, and engineering as a profession is highly regarded in the part of the world where I grew up.

Something people might not know that mechanical and electrical engineers do: Most people are surprised that almost everything they use in their daily lives is designed directly or indirectly by engineers, such as the air conditioning system in their office building, the plumbing system in their home, or even the car they drive.

A favourite moment in engineering: It was during one of my graduate experiments on heat pipes with refrigerants.

A myth about engineers: “That we only like numbers and looking at screens.” I, and the majority engineers, chose this profession to improve our society with which we love interacting.

A project that has had an effect on me: Hard to choose! However, designing an ICU for a local hospital and a large thermal solar system were two very successful and impactful projects.

What I love about working with clients: The social interaction and the sense of achieving what the client was trustfully looking to us to achieve.

I’m influenced by the poets/philosophers Kahlil Gibran and Mikhail Naimy.

I’m concerned about our kids and what the future holds for them.

What I value beyond myself: All who are around me—people who give from themselves for the betterment of their environment and their fellow humans.

On my playlist: Scorpions, Pink Floyd and French music

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Quote that guides me right now: “Life is the way we perceive it.”