I grew up in Vancouver British Columbia.

My education: Bachelor’s of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering, UBC

Notable accomplishments: Ran a sub 2 hour half marathon during the 2018 Fall Classic event.

Why Flow? Flow’s culture and passion for mechanical system design captured my interest.

What put me on the path to engineering: I’ve always been fascinated by airplanes and space exploration technology.

What I like about system design: I enjoy the technical nature of system design as it allows me to combine a range of thermodynamic, heat transfer, and mechanical design theory to transform living spaces.

A favourite moment in engineering: Seeing Space X’s successful landing of their reusable rocket.

How mechanical engineering improves lives? By designing health and energy efficient spaces for people to live and work harmoniously in.

What I love about working with clients: Helping clients achieve their goals and having fun in the process.

When I’m not working you can find me: Playing badminton and working out at the gym.

I’m my best: After a delicious home cooked meal and  a blueberry smoothie.

On my playlist: Electronic and acoustic music.

Quote that guides me right now: “Competition is the easy part, behind the scenes is where all the work is done”